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Renew Your Grout & Tile!
(916) 802-5043
Renew Your Grout & Tile!
(916) 802-5043


What is grout?

Grout is a construction material used to seal the spaces between tiles or concrete and is made from cement, water, sand and added color. It is applied in a liquid form after tiles are laid down; the excess is wiped away and the remaining grout hardens over time. 

ICS Tile & Grout Services Can: 
 1. Regrout Existing Tile
 2. Change Grout Color
 3. Seal New Grout, Tile & Stone
 4. Clean Grout, Tile, & Stone
Aren’t all tiles the same?
Tiles can be made from a variety of different materials ranging from rubber and plastic to dozens of different types of stones. Some people prefer the natural look of stone, while others like the uniformity of more processed tiles. Tiles are durable but nothing is indestructible; tiles, particularly, natural stone tiles, can be stained, by food, heavy traffic, pets etc.  Maintaining the integrity of the grout and tile, by keeping them clean, will ensure the products longevity and help maintain your homes appearance.  
ICS Tile & Grout Services Can also Custom Install:
  • Kitchen Floor Tiles
  • Bathroom Floor & Wall Tiles
  • Granite & Stone Countertops
All our work is backed by a one-year warranty. Call us Today for a free estimate!
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ICS Tile & Grout Services
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