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Renew Your Grout & Tile!
(916) 802-5043
Renew Your Grout & Tile!
(916) 802-5043

Color Staining & Grout Sealing

Grout and Granite Sealing ensures your surfaces will be protected. It is applied after your floor or counter has been cleaned and rinsed. The sealing treatment will help prevent discoloration, staining, and daily dirt, and grime accumulation. Grout and granite sealing is important because grout and granite are both porous, so anything on the floor or counter will seep into the granite or grout unless a sealer is applied. Sealed grout and granite is also a lot easier and less expensive to clean than unsealed grout and granite.
Moisture in bathrooms and kitchens, or in any room holding more humidity can also build up in grout and granite, and will eventually destroy the tiles and granite if it is not sealed properly. Overall, properly caring for your grout, tile, and natural stone, will prevent cracking and wear and will save you extra costs in the long run. Un-sealed Granite will become stained and discolored if not cared for. We recommend sealing granite annually.  Check out all of our grout color staining options below.  
    Grout Color Staining Options

Grout Colors For Tile & Stone

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